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First by the police ( Fantasy ) moved was late at night, but for me the way back needs a no-show. Typical story, told the man to meet in secret and then I was there and wait for 20 minutes, I sent a text to come, and had had a bit of Call Off The needs '. I had many problems with my uniform ( short skirt plaid pink, fishnet stockings, white shoes, white shirt, red cardigan panties and matching bra yellow) and the fact that I was angry would be an understatement. offended I was back in my car and began the journey home an hour. I was driving fairly quickly, while many seek sanctions mentally ill does not occur, and then angry that I went faster. Suddenly I realized that a police car behind me came quickly and flashing lights to pull over for me. I looked at my pace and I realized I had ( badly! ) to break the speed limit in a restricted muyzorras area. After searching for a second if Could go muyzorras faster and lose the police, I decided that I met and try to come out of this embarrassing situation with minimal effort. that moved to the next muyzorras rest area and sat in the car watching the police when he moved behind me and I went to my window. I under the window with his heart in his mouth like a dejected young man with dark hair one speaks to me. ' Do you know how fast it goes, love? ' shake my head no, do not trust me to speak. ' They were 24 miles over the speed limit. Do you have your license with you ? ' shake my head again, hoping that just let me go. He sighs and tells me disappointed the way the car. 'is that your lady car? ' I am ashamed when I saw the lady called and shyly nodded muyzorras her head and let out a small scream 'yes ' ' Well, it's just that there were reports that are used in these vehicles in a number of robberies, and need to get the car and themselves, ' is faster in the car to ensure that noThing stolen, and then take a long look at me. ' Now I have to look lady. Please put both hands on the roof of his vehicle, while I look for ' I know what he tells me, and obediently put my hands on the car roof . I hear him coming behind me and I can smell his cologne. I feel your breath on my neck and hands to go through my hair. This section will examine the arm to check my back and my chest and stomach. He crouches behind me and slowly my left leg from the ankle checked to hem of the skirt. As your muyzorras hand moves near my underwear muyzorras I let out a cry little enthusiasm. He muyzorras repeated the procedure on my right leg and back, when it comes to my underwear I screamed some more excitement. I feel part of the police in front of my underwear just know you feel my clit and before I knew it, he moved his hand. The cop tells me to go to his patrol to complete some paperwork. I follow him back to admire his busyback of his pants, trying to ignore my own excitement growing. He opens the back door for me and I am expected to come from the other side and order in the papers. He pushes me gently on my back, so I'm in the backseat of the car. I see him nervous, but I smiled and whispered to relax. My copper sexy push the knees, so her tightly against my chest and I queued for my ass to be exposed to it. It begins with the planting little kisses on my ass and my Clitty bit and balls. The other door opens and I am surprised to see blond cop was there, I had not seen yet. He quickly grabs his pants and lets his failure to cock. Sluttishly willingly smile at him and then open your mouth to it. Meanwhile, I am an enthusiastic and ready to slide my tongue pushed aside and put in the ass and try to get as many of them stay there. up to me and starts to insert his semi hard cock in my ass. theRear seat is pretty tight, but after a short period of time that begins gently fucking my hole with each stroke harder and put more of his cock into my tight hole. I pushed a little cry every time I pushed myself and I hear him close the door on his side to protect the road. My sexy blonde police officer began to slide his cock in my mouth very soft small gag me a delight. Once it gets into the rhythm that moves the car and closes the door, so we're all in a closed, tight. Both give me a good hard fucking and hear so hoarse as to fuck me faster and faster. The windows are all steamed and is sooo hot there that my uniform is to cling to my body and I 'll let gasp every time they put their beautiful cock in me. My tail is very hard solid and I want to touch me, cum for me, but I also want to fill me full of hot cum. The police sexy, my mouthgood job suddenly sticks his cock in my mouth and complains loudly. muyzorras I feel his muyzorras cum shot in the throat and I swallow as much as possible. Some of them cling to the tongue and lips, dripping on the seat, smiled and put his cock back in his pants and goes outside to get some air. I complain out loud as I am always beaten her ass faster and faster. I complain loudly when I felt his hand covered with the tail and slowly starts to rub. I'm barking loud and settings and make fun of my own hard erect nipples. He complains loudly and pulls back, let fly the first outbreaks of muyzorras sperm against my muyzorras hole before pushing Clitty muyzorras his cock back into my hole and take the rest of it in my ass. I squeak when I found semen, mixing my sperm and their sperm together and make a terrible mess of my uniform. I grab a large portion of sperm on his finger and muyzorras swallow it with him to see, I smile and helps me. When you go back to my car, muyzorras whispers in my ear s' The other typeI always knew you were a TV ', and I blush and clear that this is true, as for most of the time it was ever spit is fried, the skirt of my erection and I am sure, however, that the only the that it was concentrating on my skills of bubbles. Let me know what you think Monika
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